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Rottapharm Biotech is a research company dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative drugs. Born as a research-and-technology-driven company, Rottapharm Biotech is the spin-off of the former R&D division of Rottapharm|Madaus, of which it retained the whole capabilities, infrastructures, and innovative drug discovery programs and assets.

Rottapharm Biotech operates with a mixed business model that combines proprietary compounds and projects deriving from external collaborations, from research to clinical proof of the concept.

The model involves the development of patented drug candidates, paralleled by investments and alliances on innovative projects of other biotech companies or university spin-offs, both as a financial investor and being operationally involved to support the development of the project with internal skills.

Thanks to more than 50 years of experience in the management of both an R&D pipeline and a portfolio of marketed products, our scientists have gained large expertise in different therapeutic areas, especially rheumatology (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis), pain and inflammation, immunomodulation and immuno-oncology, selected oncology areas, and central nervous system. Such expertise in drug discovery and development includes: new target validation; development of animal models; pharmacological and pharmacokinetic characterization of new drug candidates; original formulation; and design of innovative clinical trials.

Opportunities for out-licensing are considered during any development phase, but are pursued systematically once the clinical proof of concept has been achieved.